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The Importance of Audio in a Slide Show

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

When customers view their slide shows, many do not think about the importance of audio to their video. Audio, whether it is spoken words or music, can set the tone for a video. The next time you watch a movie, take note of the different types of music you hear throughout the movie. The music will go from fast, to slow, to medium in speed as well as loud to soft in volume to depict what the producer wants the viewer to feel.

As someone who does slideshows professionally, Our Memories in Motion does the same thing. We wouldn't put an upbeat, hip hop song to a memorial and we wouldn't use a Bach score during a sports themed slide show. While scanning of images can take the most time when creating a slide show, getting the music just right can take just as long.

The next time you are at the movies, or better yet have a slideshow created by Our Memories in Motion, take a closer look at what audio is chosen. You may be surprised at what you are missing and the mood that is trying to be portrayed.

To view some of our slideshows, head over to

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