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Memorial Slideshow Creation

Our Memories in Motion will take all your precious pictures and place them into a memorial slideshow on DVD.  This DVD can be played over and over so family members can continue to remember their loved one.
We will work with your funeral home to have your memorial slideshow played at the viewing if the funeral home is equipped with the correct equipment.


Funeral directors, if you are interested in offering this service to your clients, please contact us below.  Special rates available for funeral directors.

Memorial Video Our Memories in Motion
Remembrance Slideshow Our Memories in Motion

Our pricing is as follows

  • $1 per digital photo

  • $1 per printed photo plus .50 cent scanning fee each

***Please note that your memorial slideshow will include royalty free music tailored to your occasion.  Our Memories in Motion can not use royalty based music (any popular song from 1930 to the present) due to licensing laws.***

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