Frequently Asked Questions

         How long does it take to transfer a videotape to DVD?

 The length of time it takes to transfer a videotape to DVD varies depending on the length of tape involved in the transfer.  The transfer takes as long as the footage is long plus the time taken to edit the footage, burn the DVD and create the covers.


What's involved in transferring a videotape, audio cassette or LP/Record to digital?
Anything recorded on tape or vinyl was recorded in an analog format.  Modern CD players, DVD players and computers use a digital format.  In order to transfer your tape or record, we take the analog signal from a video recorder and convert it to a digital format that our computers can read.  After converting the media, we edit the footage for any unwanted clips or audio, including the famous "snow" evident in the beginning and at the end of videotape.  Only after we are satisfied with the footage, do we encode that footage and put it on a DVD.

While your DVD is being created, we then take screenshots throughout your footage and use that as a background for your DVD case and DVD cover.  This makes every single DVD we create unique with your own pictures being used!  For audio transfers, we use a background that is befitting of your audio.

After everything is printed and the DVD is burned, it is then placed in a DVD case, plastic wrapped and ready to be viewed by you.


Does Our Memories in Motion contract out any services?

Our Memories in Motion takes great pride in answering this question with a resounding NO!  Your tape is handled solely by the owner from start to finish.  This ensures top quality and helps keep our pricing down significantly.


What does it mean to clean the audio when transferring an audio tape or LP/Record to CD?
Cleaning audio refers to removing unwanted audio from your recording.  Most commonly this refers to the common hiss that is apparent in almost all audio cassette recordings.  LP/Records are known for their pops and clicks which can also be removed when cleaning the audio.


What's included in a transfer?

There was a little hint in the answer above about what is involved in transferring.  Each CD or DVD includes a customer case and cover.  If it's a videotape, your DVD case and cover will include screenshots of your own footage.  We all have had the tape that no one knows what's on it.  With our covers, you get a complete look at the entire video on the cover!

Your transfer also includes up to one month of storage of your footage.


Does Our Memories in Motion offer reels to DVD?

Unfortunately, we do not.  We can happily offer you recommendations for businesses who do provide this service.

I have a tape or two where the video itself seems to have eroded; I hear the audio but only see static-- that is, last time I was able to play it on my VCR, which hasn't interfaced with my TV for years since buying a new flat screen. Is there any way to revive the video? 

The way a VHS tape is constructed, the top 2/3 of the tape is the audio while the last 3rd of the tape is for the audio.  Unfortunately, the audio doesn't degrade at times when the video portion of the tape does.  There are companies that specialize in fixing degraded tape so that is an option, but it's not a service that I offer.