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35mm Slides to Digital

35mm slides to digital Our Memories in Motion

Your 35mm slides are continuing to degrade in their carousels and boxes.  Our Memories in Motion will transfer your 35mm slides to digital JPEG format.  This digital format will allow you t preserve all those memories on a USB stick, USB hard drive or even the cloud for easy sharing with family and friends.   

Each 35mm slide is transferred by hand (no automated machines used here!) to ensure your transfer is top notch in quality and your slides remain intact.  

Our pricing for transferring 35mm slides to digital is as follows:

  • Standard Scan - 50 cents per 35mm slide 

  • Advanced Scan - $1 per 35mm slide which includes color editing of each slide.

What's included in your 35mm slides to digital transfer:

  • Each individual slide is scanned into jpeg format.

  • 35mm Slide Images on USB stick or USB hard drive.

demo 1.jpg

Standard Scan

demo 2.jpg

Advanced Scan

"Dave is excellent.  I've been using his services to scan photos for the last few years.  He scans at high resolution and will crop and clean up the photos if requested.  He is efficient and punctual, and his fees are very reasonable.  I have lots more shoeboxes full of prints that will be going his way soon."


Our Memories in Motion proudly serves Lehigh County and surrounding areas as well as the entire East Coast including New York and New Jersey.

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