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Audio to CD/A udio to USB - Audio Cassette to CD, Audio Cassette to USB, LP to CD, LP to USB, Records to CD and Records to USB

Records to CD Our Memories in Motion
Cassettes to CD Our Memories in Motion

Our Memories in Motion will transfer your audio that is on an audio cassette as well as an LP Record to a CD or USB stick or drive.  This process includes removing most of the background hiss as well as the pops and clicks that are common in all cassette and record audio.  Your CD will be housed in a CD case with custom cover as well as a custom cover on the disc.  

Each tape is converted by the owner to ensure you the best transfer available.  

Audio to CD services include:

  • Audio Cassette to CD

  • Audio Cassette to USB

  • LP to CD

  • LP to USB

  • Records to CD

  • Records to USB

Our pricing for transferring audio to CD is as follows:

  • $20 per tape or record per 80 minutes of audio including audio clean-up stated above.

Our pricing for transferring audio to USB is as follows:

  • $15 per tape or record

What's included in your audio transfer:

  • Editing of pops and clicks, as well as, background hiss which is common to almost every cassette and some records.

  • Custom CD case and disc cover for audio cassettes transferred to CD.

"David converted a cassette tape that was made in 1974 that I haven't heard in many years!  Now I have the recording of me as a child reciting nursery rhymes with my mother who is 90yrs old.  I am truly thankful to David for providing such a service to those long lost memories to be shared with my child and future generations!!"


Our Memories in Motion proudly serves Lehigh County and surrounding areas as well as the entire East Coast including New York and New Jersey.

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