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Remembering Those Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Memories of Our Fallen..... The program that I am most proud of. Memories of Our Fallen.... The program that remembers those we've lost. The story of Memories of Our Fallen dates back a few years. As an occupational therapist, I have had the honor of treating many soldiers. I've become friends with many as well. I've listened to their stories and there was always a common theme. Throughout our conversations, there would almost always be a time when the conversation would turn to one of their brothers lost.

I understood the brotherhood of those soldiers and eventually I had the honor of training with some of them. I came to understand how close they were to one another. How they relied on each other. I came to understand how losing a brother could feel to any soldier.

After my time training with these awesome men and women, I knew I had to give back, but I didn't know how. After reading the many news stories at the time of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, I came to realize that I could give back by creating memorials of these brave men and women. I realized I could give these brave souls a means of being forever remembered by their friends and family.

I can still remember walking in to Sgt. Ashly Moyer's mother's house to drop off her memorial. I walked into their living room and there on the wall was a hand drawn picture of Ashly. An artist with a huge heart had donated that to her parents. Seeing the look on her mother's face when I handed her that DVD made me realize I was doing something great. It made me want to continue these memorials.

Since then have done a few more memorials and the feeling never changes. I have been lucky enough to partner with a business that gives back to wounded soldiers. A donation is made to this great business every time an additional copy is ordered.

For more information, and to help keep the memories of these brave souls alive, please visit our Memories of Our Fallen page.

What these brave men and women do for us every day should never be forgotten.

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