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Can My Digital Transfer Sound As Good As My Record/LP?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I get told all the time how LP records sound so much better compared to CDs today. At

times I have to agree, since many of today's hits on CD are compressed and lose their full sound. Other times, I have to disagree.

Who can remember a clear sounding LP that didn't pop, click or have some type of background hiss? I can't and I've been transferring LPs for many years! Every LP I get, even after the cleaning I do to each record before transferring, will have some type of pop or click and sometimes background hiss when it's transferred.

But even after that, how can I say digital sounds better than original? Here's how. After transferring a LP, I have the luxury of going in and scrubbing the audio. By scrubbing, I mean digitally cleaning up the audio to remove as many pops and clicks and as much hiss as I can. Right there is the key phrase: "As much as I can." There are some LPs that are worn beyond the ability to be perfectly cleaned up, but I can make them sound better than they do in LP form. If you don't believe me, drop off a record and let me prove it to you.

I challenge you to have one of your old LPs transferred and compare the cleaned up audio to your originial LP. You will be amazed!

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